Executive Committee

The executive committee of the European Hobbes Society currently has the following members:

Laurens van Apeldoorn. Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Leiden University, the Netherlands. (Treasurer and Membership Officer)

Adrian Blau. Senior Lecturer in Politics, Department of Political Economy, King’s College, London, UK. (Features Officer)

Alexandra Chadwick. Max Weber Fellow, Department of History and Civilization, European University Institute, Italy. (Publications Officer)

Robin Douglass. Senior Lecturer in Political Theory, Department of Political Economy, King’s College London, UK. (President)

Daniel Eggers. Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter. Philosophy Department. Universität zu Köln, Germany.

Signy Gutnick Allen. Associate Lecturer in Political Theory, Department of Politics, University of York, UK.

Eva Odzuck. Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin. Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Chair of Political Philosophy and History of Ideas. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. (Publications Officer)

Johan Olsthoorn. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Philosophy, KU Leuven, Belgium.

Joanne Paul. Lecturer in Early Modern History, Department of History, University of Sussex, UK. (Features Officer)

Past Executive Committees

2014-2016 Founding Executive Committee: Laurens van Apeldoorn (President); Adrian Blau (Features Officer); Dirk Brantl; Alexandra Chadwick (Publications Officer); Robin Douglass (Treasurer and Membership Officer); Daniel Eggers; Signy Gutnick Allen (Publications Officer); Johan Olsthoorn; Dietrich Schotte; Gabriella Slomp; Luciano Venezia.