This page lists events and conferences on Thomas Hobbes organised by the European Hobbes Society and others.

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Event Information:

  • Tue

    Fourth Meeting of the European Hobbes Society

    Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven, Belgium

    Robin Douglass (KCL): “Putting the argument before the battle: Thomas Hobbes’s changing account of liberty and challenge to republicanism”

    Glen Newey (UL Bruxelles): “Political Representation in Hobbes’s Leviathan

    Adrian Blau (KCL): “Extended Meaning and Understanding in the History of Ideas: The Case of Thomas Hobbes”

    Alexandra Chadwick (Queen Mary, London): “Hobbes on Passion, the Passions, and Human Nature”

    Laurens van Apeldoorn (Leiden): “Man as Matter and Artificer of the Commonwealth: Hobbes on Human Nature, Obligation and Law”

    Luciano Venezia (Leuven/EHESS): “The Hobbesian Analysis of Promises and Contracts Made Under Coercion: A Critique”

    Kinch Hoekstra (Berkeley): “Hobbes and Thucydides”

    Alan Cromartie (Reading): “Hobbes’s Scientific Explorations in the 1630s”

    Johan Olsthoorn (Leuven): “Hobbes on the Good and the Just”

    Daniel Eggers (Cologne): “Hobbes and Virtue Ethics”