This page lists events and conferences on Thomas Hobbes organised by the European Hobbes Society and others.

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Event Information:

  • Wed

    Hobbes session at MANCEPT 2011

    University of Manchester

    Adrian Blau (Manchester): ‘Hobbes’s practical politics’

    Mikko Jakonen (Academy of Finland/University of Jyväskylä): ‘Hobbes, multitude and international relations’

    Johan Olsthoorn (Catholic University of Leuven): ‘Why justice and injustice have no place outside the Hobbesian commonwealth’

    Laurens van Apeldoorn (Oxford): ‘Hobbes on the Scientific Study of the Human Mind’

    Robin Douglass (Exeter): ‘Hobbes and Imagination: The Body Politic as a Fiction of the Mind’

    Lisa Pelot (University of Western Ontario): ‘The Influence of Hobbes’s Philosophy of Mind on His Politics’

    Noel Boulting (NOBOSS): ‘Three Accounts of Tolerance in Hobbes’s Political Philosophy’

    Dietrich Schotte (Marburg): ‘ “The Well-Governing of Opinions”: (In)Tolerance in Hobbes’

    Luciano Venezia (UNQ / CONICET): ‘Hobbes’s Two Accounts of Law and the Structure of Reasons for Political Obedience’

    Dirk Brantl (Tübingen): ‘Thomas Hobbes’ Three Central Goods: Felicity, Self-Preservation, Peace’

    Marko Simendić (York): ‘Cicero and Hobbes on personation and persona civitatis’