This page lists events and conferences on Thomas Hobbes organised by the European Hobbes Society and others.

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Event Information:

  • Thu

    Thomas Hobbes and the Politics of Religion

    Leiden University, the Netherlands

    This is the second of two workshops part of the European Hobbes Society's inaugural research project on Hobbes and the Politics of religion. See here for more information.

    Eva Odzuck (Erlangen), ‘Thomas Hobbes' political hermeneutics: Some remarks on Hobbes' method of interpreting the bible’

    Glen Newey (Leiden), ‘'Hobbes on essence, representation and the divine’

    Jeffrey Collins (Queens), ‘”Civill Warres in all places of Christendome”: Hobbes’s account of religious conflict’

    Daniel Eggers (Koln) ‘Religious conflict and moral consensus: Hobbes, Rawls, and two types of moral justification’

    Michael Krom (St Vincent), ‘Religion and Politics: Hobbes Today’

    Patricia Springborg (Berlin), ‘Hobbes’s Mechanistic Universe with or without a Creator God?’

    Max Jaede (St Andrews), ‘Hobbes and the Fall’

    Edwin Curley (Michigan), ‘Erastianism, Now and Then’

    Alan Cromartie (Reading), ‘Hobbes and Calvinism’

    Jerry Gaus (Arizona), ‘The Idea of Public Judgment’

    Al Martinich (Austin, Texas), ‘Thomas Hobbes on Sacral Kingship’

    Paul Weithman (Notre Dame), ‘Representation and Sovereignty in Hobbes's Christian Commonwealth’