This page lists events and conferences on Thomas Hobbes organised by the European Hobbes Society and others.

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Event Information:

  • Fri

    International Hobbes Association Virtual Meeting

    The International Hobbes Association will be sponsoring two virtual sessions in January, 2021. The sessions will be held using Microsoft Teams, accessible by any device.

    Registration is free but required. Access codes to the sessions will be distributed to registrants about 24 hours prior to the sessions.

    More information here.

    Session 1: Friday, January 8, 10am–1pm EDT

    Chair: Alex Chadwick (University of Groningen; Associate Editor, Hobbes Studies)

    Valerie Williams (Emmanuel College) "Why Mothers? An Exploration of the Role of Natural Maternal Dominion in Hobbes's Leviathan"
    Avshalom M. Schwartz (Political Science, Stanford University) “Poets and Prophets: Plato and Hobbes on the Immaterial Threats to Political Stability”
    Esben Korsgaard Rasmussen (Theology, University of Copenhagen) "Hobbes and the Crisis of Exemplarity"
    Ryan Quandt (Claremont Graduate University) "Hobbes on Interpreting Scripture"

    Session 2: Friday, January 8, 3pm–6pm EDT

    Chair: Michael Byron (Kent State University)

    Ben Jones (Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State) and Manshu Tian (Northwestern University) "Hobbes and Philosophical Anarchism"
    Marcus Adams (State University of New York at Albany) “Hobbes’s Mechanico-Perspectivalist Epistemology”
    Elad Carmel (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) "Hobbes's American Reception"
    Stacy Kohls (Syracuse University) "Answering the Foole: Prudence, Reasonableness and Compliance within the Hobbesian Tradition"