This page lists events and conferences on Thomas Hobbes organised by the European Hobbes Society and others.

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Event Information:

  • Thu

    Third Biennial Conference of the European Hobbes Society

    Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

    Thursday 18th November 2021
    10:00–10:10 Opening talk by the organisers
    Session 1:
    10:10–11:10 S. A. Lloyd (USC): 'Philosophical Support for Sommerville on Hobbes and Independency'
    11:20–12:20 Gianni Paganini (University of Piedmont and Research Center of the Accademia dei Lincei Rome): 'When Nothing Counts: The Annihilation Hypothesis in Hobbes’ Work'
    Session 2:
    15:30–16:30 George Wright (Wisconsin Madison): 'On Translating the Latin Leviathan'
    16:40–17:40 Francesca Rebasti (coauthor Serge Heiden, IHRIM, ENS de Lyon): '“Thomas Hobbes and the Bible”: A Textometric Approach to H. W. Jones's Agenda'

    Friday 19th November
    Session 4:
    10:00–11:00 Luc Foisneau (EHESS Paris): 'Against Philosophical Darkness: A Political conception of Enlightenment'
    11:10–12:10 Luka Ribarević (Zagreb): 'Natural Condition of Mankind in Leviathan: A View from Peloponnesus'
    Session 5:
    13:35–14:35 Gonzalo Bustamante (Adolfo Ibanez University Santiago de Chile): 'Hobbes and the Possibility of a Zoopolis'
    14:45–15:45 Asaf Sokolowski: 'The 'Tohu-Bohu' Fool and His Defiance of Creation'
    Session 6:
    16:15-17:15 Johan Olsthoorn (Amsterdam): 'Hobbes on Injustice and Injury'
    17:25–18:25 Adrian Blau (King’s College London): 'Hobbes’s Failed Political Science'

    Saturday 20th November
    Session 7:
    9:30–10:30 Kajetan Kubala (Queen Mary, University of London): 'Hobbes and the persona perpetua of the State'
    10:40–11:40 Marko Simendić (Belgrade): 'The True Gods of Leviathan'
    11:45–12:30 General meeting of the European Hobbes Society