New Hobbes Studies Special Issue: “Feminist Perspectives on Hobbes”

The latest Issue of Hobbes Studies (33-1/2020) is a Special Issue on “Feminist Perspectives on Hobbes”, guest-edited by Eva Odzuck and Alexandra Chadwick.


Alexandra Chadwick and Eva Odzuck: Feminist Perspectives on Hobbes

S. A. Lloyd: By Force or Wiles: Women in the Hobbesian Hunt for Allies and Authority

Gianni Paganini: How Far Can a “Radical” Philosopher Go? Thomas Hobbes’s Paradox of Gender Relations, and One Possible Solution

Susanne Sreedhar: Hobbes on Sexual Morality

Review of Robert Filmer, Patriarcha, translated and edited by Schröder, Peter, by Peter Nitschke

Review of Margaret Cavendish: Essential Writings, edited by Cunning, David, by Laura Georgescu

Review of Interpreting Hobbes’s Political Philosophy, edited by Lloyd, S. A., by Marcus P. Adams

Review of Quentin Skinner: From Humanism to Hobbes: Studies in Rhetoric and Politics, by Monica Brito Vieira