Book: The Oxford Handbook of Hobbes

A. P. Martinich and Kinch Hoekstra (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Hobbes (Oxford University Press, 2016)

About this Book: A new collection of 26 original essays on various aspects of Thomas Hobbes’s thought.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction: A. P. Martinich

I. Logic and Natural Philosophy
2. Logic: Martine Pécharman
3. Hobbes on Language: Propositions, Truth, and Absurdity: Stewart Duncan
4. Hobbes’s Mathematical Thought: Katherine Dunlop
5. Natural Philosophy: Daniel Garber
6. Hobbes on the Foundations of Natural Philosophy: Douglas Jesseph
7. The Most Curious of Sciences: Hobbes’s Optics: Franco Giudice

II. Human nature and Moral Philosophy
8. Hobbes on Liberty, Action, and Free Will: Thomas Pink
9. Reason, Deliberation and the Passions: Adrian Blau
10. The State of Nature: Ioannis D. Evrigenis
11. Hobbes on the Family: Nancy Hirschmann
12. Natural Law: S. A. Lloyd

III. Political Philosophy
13. Political Obligation: own Deigh
14. Authorization and Representation in Leviathan: A. P. Martinich
15. Hobbes (and Austin, and Aquinas) on Law as Command of the Sovereign: Mark Murphy
16. The Sovereign: David Runciman
17. Hobbes and Absolutism: Johann Sommerville
18. Sovereign Jurisdiction, Territorial Rights, and Membership in Hobbes: Arash Abizadeh
19. Hobbes and the Social Control of Unsociability: Quentin Skinner

IV. Religion
20. Hobbes and Religion without Theology: Agostina Lupoli
21. Hobbes and Christianity: Richard Tuck
22. Christianity and Civil Religion in Leviathan: Sarah Mortimer
23. Thomas Hobbes’s Ecclesiastical History: Jeffrey Collins

V. History, Poetry, and Paradox
24. Hobbes’s Thucydides: Kinch Hoekstra
25. Making History: The Politics of Hobbes’s Behemoth: Tomaz Mastnak
26. Hobbes on the Nature and Scope of Poetry: Timothy Raylor
27. Hobbes and Paradox: Jon Parkin