New articles on “Hobbes: Power, Image and Sovereignty”

The latest Dossier of Las Torres de Lucca (vo. 5, no. 9, 2016: July-December) is devoted to “Hobbes: Power, Image and Sovereignty”. It includes the following articles:

Hobbes’ Anti-liberal Individualism, James Martel

Subliminal Government: Secret Lessons from Hobbes’s Theory of Images, Representations and Politics, Johan Tralau, Javier Vázquez Prieto (trans.).

Needed but Unwanted. Thomas Hobbes’s Warnings on the Dangers of Multitude, Populism and Democracy, Mikko Jakonen

The Antilogy in the Iuspositivism and the Iusnaturalism in Thomas Hobbes, Patricia Nakayama

Misgivings About Absolute Power: Hobbes and the Concept of Honor, Jerónimo Rilla