Hobbes Studies

New issue of Hobbes Studies

A new issue of Hobbes Studies is now available, containing the following articles:

Elliott Karstadt: The Place of Interests in Hobbes’s Civil Science

James J. Hamilton: Hobbes on Felicity: Aristotle, Bacon and Eudaimonia

Marcus Schultz-Bergin: The Authority Dilemma: Eternal Salvation and Authorization in Hobbes’s Leviathan

S. A. Lloyd: Authorization and Moral Responsibility in the Philosophy of Hobbes

There are also reviews of Michael Byron’s Submission and Subjection in Leviathan: Good Subjects in the Hobbesian Commonwealth (reviewed by Luciano Venezia), Robin Douglass’s Rousseau and Hobbes: Nature, Free Will, and the Passions (reviewed by  Ioannis D. Evrigenis), Tom Sorell’s Emergencies and Politics: A Sober Hobbesian Approach (reviewed by Maximilian Jaede), Nicolas Dubos’ Thomas Hobbes et l’Histoire: Système et Récits à l’Âge Classique (reviewed by  George Wright), and of a new edition of De homine (reviewed by Johann Sommerville).